'Future factories' solo exhibition. Includes the work: 'Tuber' - LED pendant luminaire, plaster/resin composite (Z-Corp) and 'Tuber9' - LED pendant luminaire, laser sintered nylon




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The aim of the exhibition was to explain the mass-individualisation concept behind the FutureFactories research as well as presenting a collection of designs resulting from the work. The concept involves the creation of ‘meta’ designs from which a theoretically infinite number of solutions can be generated. To illustrate this concept, digital animations were presented showing the virtual design ‘masters’ in metamorphosis. These animations were projected onto large screens. Five designs were presented. For each design five iterations were physically produced by rapid prototyping and displayed. Following the three solo exhibitions I was invited to write an article for 'newdesign magazine' which was published in issue nineteen, 2004 pp52-55. The article was also featured on the cover. The project was also featured in 'Icon' magazine issue 10, Feb 2004 p37. I was invited to present the exhibition at 'Designersblock', Milan 13/04/04 – 19/04/04,an exhibition that formed part of Milan Design Week and then at 'Designersblock', London 23/09/04 – 26/09/04 which was part of London Design Week. Following on from 'Designersblock' London, 'Tuber' and 'Tuber9' were included in the exhibition 'A Few Domestic Objects Interrogate a Few Works of Art' at the Mary Boone Gallery in New York curated by Bruce Ferguson. After the exhibition 'Tuber9' was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in New York for its permanent design collection (March 2005). 'Tuber' was sold at Christies New York to a private bidder. The work was featured in Architecture magazine, New York, June 2005. The article by Robert Klara was titled 'Quick and bright, in the hands of Lionel Theodore Dean, rapid manufacturing has a brilliant future'. pp65-66 Industrial support in kind was obtained from Germany RP technology company EOS. EOS provided samples and the 'Tuber9' prototype.


RAE 2008, UoA 63 Art and Design


Design Centre, Barnsley 27 Oct- 21 Nov 2003; Dean Clough, Halifax 1 Dec 2003 - 16 Jan 2004; Media Centre, Huddersfield 23 Jan - 13 Feb 2004


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