Differential game approach to pricing and advertising decisions


This study proposes a model to make concurrent decisions on dynamic pricing and advertising to maximise firms' profitability over an infinite time horizon in a duopoly market. To this end, the Nerlove-Arrow pricing and advertising model is designed in the presence of shifting costs in a dynamic duopolistic competition as a differential game. The Nash equilibrium solution is defined based upon a set of Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman. Four scenarios are applied for economic interpretations and the efficacy of the model.


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Dynamic pricing, Dynamic advertising, Duopoly market, Shift costs, Differential game


Mahdiraji, M.A., Hatami-Marbini, A., Moazed, N.M., Ansari, M., Kamardi, A.A.A. (2021) Differential game approach to pricing and advertising decisions. Operations Research Letters, 49 (5), pp. 688-695


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Centre for Enterprise and Innovation (CEI)