Children stories in times of Corona




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One of the recent projects is on migrant schooling crisis in Leicester. Through this project, I have worked with secondary schools, teachers, headteachers and support workers locally. Now in the time of social crisis that we are experiencing, we decided to use our knowledge and expertise from the project to develop content on digital space. The COVID-19 is teaching us lessons that we can use to inform and influence policies. Our children are at home now. In here mostly parents work and children go to local nurseries, schools. We have practised and accommodated ourselves to that routine for years. In only two weeks time we are now suddenly challenging our practices, unlearning and learning. This is a big challenge, as this means for working parents, who continue to work from home, need to think about both physical and mental health for themselves and their children. So parents and other teams that I work with asked, do you know what we can do to make our spaces habitable by co-creating, co-learning and co-producing. We, humans, are creative. Remember we are not seeking perfection, we want to share stories of engagement, happiness, survival. We need to live with those positive vibes. Giving a mobile to your children to watch videos can only be effective for a while, in the long run, you are missing the chance of creative exchanges, togetherness and the immense happiness that you can invite in the confined space. So, we created @childrenstoriesintimesofcorona on FB.



digital media, intercultural space, cultural intelligence, emotional resilience


Lahiri, I. (2020) Children stories in times of Corona.


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Media and Communication Research Centre (MCRC)