Special issue on Sensing, Data Analysis and Platforms for Ubiquitous Intelligence




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The 14th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC 2017) will be held in San Francisco, USA, 4–8 August, 2017, and will provide opportunities for researchers and practitioners to share and disseminate research results related to the topics of sensors. Ubiquitous sensors, devices, networks, and information are paving the way towards a smart world, in which computational intelligence is distributed throughout the physical environment to provide reliable and relevant services to people. This ubiquitous intelligence will change the computing landscape because it will enable new breeds of applications and systems to be developed and the realm of computing possibilities will be significantly extended. By enhancing everyday objects with sensing and intelligence, many tasks and processes could be simplified, the physical spaces where people interact like the workplaces, homes or cities, could become more efficient, safer and more enjoyable. This Special Issue will select top-quality papers from IEEE UIC 2017, covering fundamental sensing, smart objects, devices, human-object interactions, data analysis, and their applications for intelligent environments, smart systems, services, and personalisation and adaptation. We invite authors of selected papers to significantly consolidate and improve their highly recommended papers with substantial new content to this Special Issue, which will inform and stimulate the research communities. Potential topics include, but are not limited to: AutoID technologies such as RFID/iBeacon Embedded Chips, Sensors, and Actuators Wearable Devices and Embodied interaction Smart Objects and Interactions Smart human-machine/robot interaction Smart Systems and Services Human Activity Recognition Adaptive, Autonomic and Context-aware Systems Big Data in Ubiquitous Systems Smart Environments and Applications: Intelligent Traffic and Transportation Smart Healthcare and Active Assisted Living Smart Education and Learning Virtual Personal Assistants, Cognitive Experts Socially intelligent robots and applications



Sensing, Data Analysis, Platforms, Ubiquitous Intelligence


Chen, L., Chen, G., Rafferty, J., Yu, H. (Eds.) (2018) Special issue on Sensing, Data Analysis and Platforms for Ubiquitous Intelligence. Sensors, 18(1-3),


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