The evolution of E-learning management systems: An ethical approach

Alves da Silva, Nuno Sotero
Morais da Costa, Gonçalo Jorge
Prior, Mary
Rogerson, Simon
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Peer reviewed
The development of educational technologies is enhancing a distinctive feature of learning environments: the learner’s personalized environment. However, the current literature in e-learning seems to neglect an impor¬tant discussion: will individuals (learners and lecturers) and organizations face an enhancement concerning ethical dilemmas due to this evolution? To promote this discussion, this paper builds on a consideration of e-learning definition and its ethical dilemmas, and human-centred learning concept and its dimensions, to examine the implications of integrating social and cultural contexts. By examining the evolution of e-learning management systems the argument progresses to a discussion of the relationships between pedagogy and ethics. By framing evidence at different scales, the authors critically reflect on the ethical dilemmas embedded in e-learning systems. The discussion concludes with advocating the adoption of an extension of “three P” mode of pedagogy to become the “P3E” model: personalization, participation, productivity, lecturer’s ethics, learner’s ethics, and organizational ethics.
E-Learning management systems, empirical evidences, ethical dilemmas, human-centred learning, pedagogy
Alves da Silva, N.S., Moraisda Costa, G.J., Prior, N. and Rogerson, S. (2011) The Evolution of E-learning Management Systems: An Ethical Approach. International Journal of Cyber Ethics in Education (IJCEE), 1 (3), pp 12-24
Research Institute
Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR)