Corrosive-wear performance of grade 316 stainless steel sliding against grade 316 stainless steel in NaCl solution




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Most of the reported corrosive-wear or tribocorrosion tests have been carried out using an inert and insulating counter-body in the experimental set up, with the purpose of eliminating the direct contribution of the counter-body to the electrochemical response during sliding wear. Little work has been reported using the same material as the test specimen and as the counter-body. In this work, corrosive-wear experiments have been carried out on the same material contact, i.e., stainless steel on stainless steel (SS-SS), where a 316 SS specimen was sliding against a 316 SS slider in 0.5 M NaCl solution under controlled electrochemical conditions. For comparison purpose, similar experiments have also been conducted on the 316 SS-Al2O3 sliding pair. The tests were conducted under reciprocating sliding conditions at 1 Hz frequency, 4 N load and for a duration of 7200 s, incorporated with electrochemical control which included potentiodynamic polarization and potentiostatic polarization at constant negative and positive potentials with respect to the open circuit potential (OCP). The results show that the counter-body has a large effect on the corrosive-wear behaviour of the 316 SS specimen under all test conditions. As compared to the SS-Al2O3 sliding pair, the SS-SS pair experiences larger material removal from the specimen. Adhesive wear occurs in the SS-SS pair which leads to significantly roughened sliding surfaces and unstable frictional behavior and electrochemical response. Further analysis revealed that mechanical wear plays a more dominant role in material removal in the SS-SS pair than in the SS-Al2O3 pair, and it is the corrosion-accelerated wear that contributes to the significantly increased material removal in the SS-SS pair.


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stainless steel, corrosive-wear, tribocorrosion, friction, wear


Bailey, R., Sun, Y. (2023) Corrosive-Wear Performance of Grade 316 Stainless Steel Sliding Against Grade 316 Stainless Steel in NaCl Solution. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance,


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