Start a revolution in your head! The rebirth of ICT ethics education




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This paper is a viewpoint rather than grounded in research. It questions some of the established ICT norms and traditions which exist both in industry and academia. The aim is to review current ICT ethics educational strategy and suggest a repositioning which aligns with the concept of computing by everyone for everyone. Professional bodies, in their current role, have little influence on 97 percent of global software developers whose ethical code and attitude to social responsibility comes from elsewhere. There needs to be a radical change in how the ethical and social responsibility dimension of ICT is included in education of the whole population rather than focusing on the elitist computing professional community. It is against this backdrop that this paper explores new avenues for widening education, both formal and informal, to all those who may become involved in computing. The discussion concludes by laying out a new pathway for ICT ethics education which embraces people of all ages and all walks of life.



ICT Ethics, Thought experiment, Oral history, STEM, Poetry, Research Subject Categories::INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AREAS


Rogerson, S. (2020) Start a revolution in your head! The rebirth of ICT ethics education. In: Arias Oliva, M., Pelegrín Borondo, J., Murata, K. and Lara Palma, A.M., (editors), Societal Challenges in the Smart Society, Universidad de La Rioja, pp 153-164


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Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR)