Responsible Education: What Engages International Postgraduate Students – Evidence from UK


Purpose: Responsive educational approaches focus on a set of well-designed practises intended to create engaging, social cohesion, better knowledge outcomes and excellent students experience. Therefore, this article engages in the discourse of the intersection of psychsociology of learning and student’s engagement, connected to the sense of belonging and theory of planned behaviour (TPB).

Methodology: By applying an ethnographic approach and interview of 45 international students from three UK business schools, it proposes that a sense of ‘belongingness’ is a prerequisite for learning, personal and professional development. Due to the exploratory nature of the subject, the use of qualitative methodology turned out to be particularly useful. Indeed, the conduct of in-depth semi-structured interviews, participative observation enabled us to access perceptions of students and compare different points of view.

Findings: The findings indicate that international students measure their experience by ‘sense of belonging’, integration and engagement on many interrelated and influential factors. English proficiency and employability skills are major concerns. The kinds of support students received and the quality of feedback from tutors is important for International studies integration and sense of belonging.

Originality: The findings of the critical elements of the engagement and experience of international students have both policy and practical implications given the high demand for UK universities by foreign students. Although, this article is based on findings from UK higher education institutions (HEIs), the insights are of relevance to many countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, France and the US who have a significant proportion of overseas students.

Keywords: Sense of Belonging; Student Engagement; Student Experience; Teaching and Learning Pedagogy; International Students.


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Sense of Belonging, Student Engagement, Student Experience, Teaching and Learning Pedagogy, International Students


Igwe, P. A., Rahman, M., Ohalehi, P., Amaugo, A. N., Anigbo, J. Responsible Education: What Engages International Postgraduate Students – Evidence from UK. Journal of Global Responsibility


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