Local Constraints on Sustainable Tourism Development in Africa; the Nigerian Example




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The growth of tourism in Africa, the second largest continent in the world in recent years has been rapid, especially in areas where there is social stability. Though still very much lacking in tourism supporting infrastructures, African tourism has recorded significant growth in recent years. However, this trend is much concentrated in Eastern and Southern Africa; other parts of Africa such as West Africa have not managed to take advantage of the growth in internal and external tourism despite the huge tourism potential. Nigeria is one of the African nations known for her vast tourism potentials, especially given it’s over whelming historic, cultural and natural assets. Tourism encourages growth and physical development of destination area especially where planned and executed. However the development of tourism is being hindered by local constraints which need to be understood and resolved. Otherwise, sustainable tourism, especially internal tourism will remain undeveloped boosting local demands for international tourism. Local demand for international tourism, especially European, North America, and Dubai destinations attests to this assertion. This paper discusses tourism in Africa and Nigeria in relations to the general constraint affecting tourism in the continent generally and Nigeria specifically. Using relevant literature, the paper identifies a number of local constraints facing the Nigeria tourism industry and critically examines some selected tourist areas in the middle belt zone of Nigeria. Recommendations are suggested on possible way forward by which these constraints are overcome.



Constraint, Development, Local, tourism


Ayeni, D., Ebohon, O.J. and Taki, A.H. (2009) Local Constraints on Sustainable Tourism Development in Africa; the Nigerian Example. Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development Conference Tripoli-Libya 3-5 November, 2009


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