Hybrid of memory andprediction strategies for dynamic multiobjective optimization




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Dynamic multiobjective optimization problems (DMOPs) are characterized by a time-variant Pareto optimal front (PF) and/or Pareto optimal set (PS). To handle DMOPs, an algorithm should be able to track the movement of the PF/PS over time efficiently. In this paper, a novel dynamic multiobjective evolutionary algorithm (DMOEA) is proposed for solving DMOPs, which includes a hybrid of memory and prediction strategies (HMPS) and the multiobjective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition (MOEA/D). In particular, the resultant algorithm (MOEA/D-HMPS) detects environmental changes and identifies the similarity of a change to the historical changes, based on which two different response strategies are applied. If a detected change is dissimilar to any historical changes, a differential prediction based on the previous two consecutive population centers is utilized to relocate the population individuals in the new environment; otherwise, a memory-based technique devised to predict the new locations of the population members is applied. Both response mechanisms mix a portion of existing solutions with randomly generated solutions to alleviate the effect of prediction errors caused by sharp or irregular changes. MOEA/D-HMPS was tested on 14 benchmark problems and compared with state-of-the-art DMOEAs. The experimental results demonstrate the efficiency of MOEA/D-HMPS in solving various DMOPs.


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Dynamic multiobjective optimization, Evolutionary algorithms, Similar environment, Memory, Prediction


Liang, Z., Zheng, S., Zhu, Z., and Yang, S. (2019) Hybrid of memory and prediction strategies for dynamic multiobjective optimization. Information Sciences, 485, pp. 200-218.


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Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IAI)