John Lancaster: hidden geometry and wave motion; Ian Kirkwood: blue violet and purple brown and other untitled stories. Two person show – recent paintings




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The research had two stages. Stage one consisted of work produced in the UK touring to three Art Galleries in Australia. The second stage consisted of an artist residency at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) sponsored by Professor Peter Pinson. The first part of the series ‘Wave Motion’, involving medium size works on paper, explores the simultaneous readings within a composition, in order to draw attention to the nature of appearance and the relationship to structure.. This is a continuing research project, the earlier series referring to physical and metaphysical through abstraction. This series is fundamentally different in the conceptual and methodology being applied, the area of research focuses on visual rhythm and dynamics orchestrated by colour and draws on the insight and clarity of expression of Bridget Riley’s late works. Wave Motion-part 1 however focuses on the changing emphasis of shifting forms with equal importance to rhythm and movement. Small repetitive brush marks created within a grid format and interlocking circles (geometry) are the predominant area of research and experimentation Although the topic of interest may be familiar, the imagination, experimentation, and methodology of the series are exploring new ground. Certainly a wide range of contemporary artists’ ideas and methods have helped to inform the work, but an original and highly individual series of Art works have consolidated as a result of this process. • The exhibition toured to three contemporary galleries in Australia. (Sydney and Melbourne) • Artist-in-residency: included an ‘open’ Artist lecture. • Exhibition catalogue provides textual and photographic documentation on artist’s research and methodology in a discussion between the artists and the UNSW gallery curator. • Research project by the Arts Council England and DMU • The UNSW website and a faculty magazine published the exhibition and residency details. • Span galleries, Melbourne is an internationally recognised gallery


RAE 2008, UoA 63 Art and Design


Lancaster, J.J. 24/04/2006-19/05/2006, Sydney: University of New South Wales. 02/05/2006-13/05/2006, Sydney: Depot Gallery, 16/05/2006-19/05/2006, NSW: EPS College of Fine Arts, 30/05/2006-10/06/2006, Melbourne: Span Galleries, Hidden Geometry and Wave Motion.


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