Corruption in Ghana’ s Justice System in the Eyes of Police Officers




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Corruption is a topical issue worldwide, particularly when criminal justice systems and institutions that ensure compliance with the law and play a key role in controlling corruption are affected. Research shows that citizens in developing countries in Africa and elsewhere perceived criminal justice institutions in their countries, especially the police and judiciary, as among the most corrupt public institutions. However, little research has considered the views of criminal justice officials themselves when it comes to corruption in criminal justice systems. Through a survey of 616 Ghanaian police officers, this study examines police officers' views of corruption in Ghana’s criminal justice system. Descriptive statistical analyses were conducted to ascertain police officers views of the nature, prevalence, levels, and initiators of corruption. A key finding is that police officers perceive corruption as prevalent in Ghana’s criminal justice system and a serious problem. In addition, high public perceptions of corruption in the police and judiciary recorded in public perception surveys are corroborated by this study. Consistent with prior studies, lawyers, suspects/accused persons, and other judicial officers were identified as common initiators of corruption in the justice system. However, contrary to previous studies, many police officers stated that corruption in criminal justice institutions in Ghana has decreased over the past 5 years. The chapter concludes that leaders of criminal justice institutions should desist from denying corruption allegations and research that find their institutions among the most corrupt. Such denials appear to be influencing officers in the front line. Rather, efforts should be made to address the perception or reality of corruption in criminal justice institutions.


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corruption, criminal justice system, justice official, initiator of corruption, police officer, blame game


Amagnya, M. A. (2023) Corruption in Ghana’s Justice System in the Eyes of Police Officers. In: Nikolaos Stamatakis (ed.) Global Trends in Law Enforcement - Theory and Practice. IntechOpen.


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