NMReDATA: Tools and applications


TheNMReDATAformat has been proposed as away to store, exchange, and to disseminate NMR data and physical and chemical metadata of chemical compounds. In this paper we report on analytical workflows that take advantage of the uniform and standardized NMReDATA format.We also give access to a repository of sample data, which can serve for validating software packages that encode or decode files in NMReDATA format.


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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), NMReDATA, chemical information, data standard, peak assignment


Kuhn, S., Wieske, L.H.E., Trevorrow, P., Schober, D., Schloerer, N.E., Nuzillard, J., Kessler, P., Junker, J., Herraez, A., Fares, C., Eredelyi, M., Jeannerat, D. (2021) NMReDATA: Tools and applications. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry,


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Cyber Technology Institute (CTI)