Identification and Comparative Analysis of the Skills Structure of the Data Analyst Profession in Russia


The development of digital technologies has created a market need for specialists working with the big data that is necessary for making management decisions. This study aims to identify the skills structure of the data analyst profession (DAP) in Russia. The authors used a program code written in Python to examine relevant vacancies extracted from a recruitment website and employed a social network analysis method to identify skill clusters. Findings suggest that the DAP consists of predominately hard skills, that is, specialists must have the technical skills required to collect and process information. These results could be used to develop a Higher Education curriculum in data analysis.


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data analyst, Russia, skills structure, skill gap, big data, digital economy


Skhvediani, A., Sosnovskikh, S., Rudskaia, I., and Kudryavtseva, T. (2021) Identification and comparative analysis of the skills structure of the data analyst profession in Russia. Journal of Education for Business, pp.1–10.


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Centre for Enterprise and Innovation (CEI)