Early implementation stages of learning management systems (LMS) by academics: the case of Saudi universities




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International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation



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This paper is drawn from PhD research currently in progress; it investigates the early adaptation stages of Learning Management Systems (LMS) in Universities by academics. The study focuses on four areas, that is; 1) academics’ awareness of LMSs’ role and functions, 2) the level of LMS use by academics, 3) the amount of training provided for academic staff [but you actually report how much training they undertake and really this is your main focus rather than the ‘amount of training provided’. – do you need to say so here] to support their use of LMSs and the use of its tools, and 4) academics’ [future anticipations] not a good phrase] of LMSs. These areas were investigated on three Saudi Universities, and data was gathered through both quantitative and qualitative methods. To commence the study, a literature review was undertaken followed by the development and implementation of an online questionnaire, followed by interviews with key personnel from the three universities studied. The results show that the majority of academics participating in this research were not aware of LMSs’ objectives [you use the word ‘role’ above – do you emans the same?] and functions and have never used one. The results also showed that most of the academic participants have not attended any LMS’ training, however, those who attended one or more LMS’ training course implemented some of the tools provided within LMSs more than those who did not attend any training. With regards to their view of the future academics believe that LMSs will have promising contribution to make in Saudi Higher Education, nonetheless, they do not really have a clear understanding of where it is heading and what are the true objectives of adopting LMSs it in their universities. This study provides insights into the , environment surrounding the early adaptation of LMSs in developing HE institutes, which can support a better approach towards implementing these systems in similar contexts.



Learning management system, Educational technology, Saudi Arabia, Higher education, Continuing professional development


Alshammari, M., Howley, R., Leigh, M., and Hall, R. (2012) Early implementation stages of learning management systems (LMS) by academics: the case of Saudi universities. Proceedings of ICERI2012, 5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, pp. 1133-1142


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