Capturing Culture: The Practical Application of Holographic Recording for Artefacts Selected from the Heritage and Museums of the Arabian Peninsula




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Recording cultural heritage is one of the most important issues for consideration in the twenty- first century. Safeguarding, protecting and preserving heritage, through effective mechanism, is of crucial importance. Holographic technology has the potential to offer an appropriate solution to solve issues in documenting, cataloguing and replaying the original optical information of the artefact in three-dimensional imaging. This thesis investigates the relationship between art and technology through holograms recorded as part of a practice-based research programme. It questions whether the holographic medium can be used to capture and disseminate information for use in audience interaction, and therefore raise public awareness, by solving the problem of displaying the original artefacts outside the museum context. Using holographic records of such valuable items has the potential to save them from being lost or destroyed, and opens up the prospect of a new form of virtual museum. This research examines the possibility of recording valuable and priceless artefacts using a mobile holographic recording system designed for museums. To this end, historical, traditional and cultural artefacts on display in Saudi heritage museums have been selected. This project involves the recording of ancient Arabian Peninsula cultural heritage, and in particular jewellery artefacts that we perceive as three-dimensional images created, using holographic wavefront information. The research adopts both qualitative and quantitative research methods and critical review of relevant literature on the holographic medium to determine how it might provide an innovative method of engaging museums in Saudi Arabia. The findings of this research offer an original contribution to knowledge and understanding for scholars concerned with conservation of Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage.





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