A multi-operational, combined PV/Thermal and solar air collector system: application, simulation and performance evaluation




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De Montfort University


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In response to reported climate change, increased Governmental regulations and public awareness of environmental issues, more energy efficient buildings and renewable energy technologies are currently being developed and installed. Many of these renewable energy technologies may be considered as immature in market and technical terms, which has prompted significant levels of research in this field. If we are to meet our future energy needs and see wide-scale application of low energy buildings and renewable energy systems, further research is essential. It is clear that within the built environment an integrated design approach provides the best method of limiting the overall environmental impact of a building. This approach looks to minimise the building energy load through appropriate environmental design practices and to meet this reduced load by efficient energy supply technologies and if possible, embedded renewable energy systems. The research described in this thesis considers the application of a new, immature, energy supply technology and its application to a low energy building in the UK. This technology is a hybrid solar collector which combines photovoltaic energy conversion with the collection of solar thermal energy and provides dual output for use within the building to which it is applied. To further knowledge and understanding of this type of system, extensive modelling and simulation has been undertaken with results compared to measured data taken from an installed system at the Brockshill Environment Centre, Leicester. New simulation procedures are discussed in relation to previous research in this field and critically evaluated. Recommendations on further work are given both in terms of research and application.





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