A Survey on Privacy and Security of Internet of Things




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Internet of Things (IoT) has fundamentally changed the way information technology and communication environments work, with significant advantages derived from wireless sensors and nanotechnology, among others. While IoT is still a growing and expanding platform, the current research in privacy and security shows there is little integration and unification of security and privacy that may affect user adoption of the technology because of fear of personal data exposure. The surveys conducted so far focus on vulnerabilities based on information exchange technologies applicable to the Internet. None of the surveys has brought out the integrated privacy and security perspective centred on the user. The aim of this paper is to provide the reader with a comprehensive discussion on the current state of the art of IoT, with particular focus on what have been done in the areas of privacy and security threats, attack surface, vulnerabilities and countermeasures and to propose a threat taxonomy. IoT user requirements and challenges were identified and discussed to highlight the baseline security and privacy needs and concerns of the user. The paper also proposed threat taxonomy to address the security requirements in broader perspective. This survey of IoT Privacy and Security has been undertaken through a systematic literature review using online databases and other resources to search for all articles that meet certain criteria, entering information about each study into a personal database, and then drawing up tables summarizing the current state of literature. As a result, the paper distills the latest developments


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Privacy, Wireless sensors, Internet of Things, Security, Nanotechnology


Ogonji, M.M., Okeyo, G., Wafula, J.M. (2020) A Survey on Privacy and Security of Internet of Things. Computer Science Review, 38, 100312.


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