A social network based approach for consensus achievement in multiperson decision making




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Nowadays we are living the apogee of the Internet based technologies and consequently web 2.0 communities, where a large number of users interact in real time and share opinions and knowledge, is a generalized phenomenon. This type of social networks communities constitute a challenge scenario from the point of view of Group Decision Making approaches, because it involves a large number of agents coming from different backgrounds and/or with different level of knowledge and influence. In these type of scenarios there exists two main key issues that requires attention. Firstly, the large number of agents and their diverse background may lead to uncertainty and or inconsistency and so, it makes difficult to assess the quality of the information provided as well as to merge this information. Secondly, it is desirable, or even indispensable depending on the situation, to obtain a solution accepted by the majority of the members or at least to asses the existing level of agreement. In this contribution we address these two main issues by bringing together both decision Making approaches and opinion dynamics to develop a similarity-confidence-consistency based Social network that enables the agents to provide their opinions with the possibility of allocating uncertainty by means of the Intuitionistic fuzzy preference relations and at the same time interact with like-minded agents in order to achieve an agreement.


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Group decision making, Uncertainty, Consensus, Intuitionistic fuzzy preference relations, Social network, e-democracy, e-democracy


Ureña, R. et al. (2018) A social network based approach for consensus achievement in multiperson decision making. Information Fusion, 47, pp. 72-87


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