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The Saatchi Gallery Magazine: Art&Music



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With more than a century of film history to navigate, deciding which films should be ushered into the pantheon of genuine cinema classics is a pitiless, not to say perilously subjective, business. Undaunted, we challenged 50 cultural luminaries to nominate their favourite film, and tell us why they love it. The results, like the films themselves, range from the intriguing to the hilarious and poignant, and are, in one or two cases, succinct to the point of inscrutability, as you will discover below. We urge you to use this compendium - which, we should warn you, is light on CGI action blockbusters and heavy on Werner Herzog - as our go-to list of recommendations for the winter evenings, (or perhaps, afternoons), that lie ahead.


A vox pop article collating 50 cultural luminaries, each identifying a key film with written narrative and illustrations. The contributors in the article: Liz Rever / David Sheppard / Francis Lamb / Claudine Biggs / Dan Edwards / Ryan Teague / Angele David-Guillou / Richard Bacon / John Matthias / Colleen / Bruce Irwin / Harriet Charity Verney / Kym Beeston / Tony Morley / Louise Doidge / Patti Ellis / Alexis Jourrou / Will Stokes / Kirsten Glass / James Doidge / Gordon Holden / Jane Yeh / Janeen Adams / Kate Lewis / Deirdre McGinnis / Cedar Lewisohn / Aine O'Dwyer / Sarah Turner / Mark Fry / Adrian Corker / Karen Glossop / David Feck / Jeff Barrett / Paul Murdoch / Ben Shapiro / Anne Laure Guillain / Martha Read / Stewart Home / Oliver Cherer / Keith Kenniff / Louise Clarke / Pete Astor / Aimie Reeves / Michael Sims / Eddie Otchere / Sebastian Sharples / Ben Moor / Gemma De Cruz / Katie Grocott Murdoch / Peter Wix


Cinema, The Saatchi Gallery Magazine: Art&Music, This Sporting Life, Lindsay Anderson


Clarke, L. (2014) The Cine-Files. The Saatchi Gallery Magazine: Art & Music, (28), p.39


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