DORA (De Montfort Open Research Archive) is De Montfort University's research repository. It forms the primary public and institutional record of DMU research outputs. The breadth of research at DMU means that these outputs include articles, conference papers, books, book chapters, and other material available in a digital form. The record for each item contains descriptive information as well as, where possible, a version of the final research output. DORA also provides access to DMU PhD theses. This includes most PhD produced from 2009 onwards.


Recent Submissions

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Margaret Maughan
(Oxford University Press, 2023-12) Polley, Martin
Biography of Margaret Maughan (1928-2020), multiple medallist at the International Stoke Mandeville Games, the forerunners to the Paralympics. Biography of Paralympian archer and swimmer Margaret Maughan (1928-2020)
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A year on the Block: What have we learned from a shift in delivery? Is block teaching (and learning) the way forward?
(WONKHE, 2023-09-15) Koenig, Brett
A year on the Block: What have we learned from a shift in delivery Is block teaching (and learning) the way forward?
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Doing curriculum reform: what allows expert practitioners to mediate policy enactment in Japan?
(World Education Research Association, 2023-11-22) Bamkin, Sam
This presentation considers the role of professional (educational/pedagogic) knowledge in the enactment of policy during neoliberal times. Education policymaking in Japan, like elsewhere, is changing. Over the past twenty years, the central government has displaced the Ministry of Education as the driver of education policy, including most recently in curriculum policy. However, in Japanese curriculum reform, professional knowledge continues to inform how policy is understood and enacted on the ground, alongside the imperative for performative enactment. My recent research, based on two years’ fieldwork in and around eight schools, questionnaire survey data, textbook databases and elite interviews, shows that expert practitioners can leverage this knowledge to mediate how curriculum policy is enacted in compulsory education. This presentation re-examines these findings from a comparative perspective to consider the particular structural mechanisms in the policymaking process and education system of Japan that facilitate the operation of professional knowledge in policy enactment, and how they are changing. It further comments on the extent to which the Japanese data questions the universality of well-established theory of ‘policy work’ (e.g. Stephen Ball and colleagues, 2012) grounded in data collected in the Anglo-American contexts.
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Coubertin Oak Tree, Much Wenlock
(Arete Verlag, 2023) Polley, Martin
A brief history of the oak tree that Pierre de Coubertin planted in Much Wenlock. The chapter forms part of a book on a history of European sport in 100 objects.
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Edward, Harry Francis Vincent
(Oxford University Press, 2023-06) Polley, Martin
Biography of Harry Edwards (1898-1973), the first black athlete to win a medal for Great Britain at the Olympic Games (Antwerp 1920).