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dc.contributor.authorEl Asmar, Jean-Pierreen
dc.contributor.authorTaki, A. H.en
dc.identifier.citationEl-Asmar, J.P. and Taki, A.H. (2013) Sustainable rehabilitation of the built environment in Lebanon. Journal of Sustainable Cities and Society, 10, pp. 22-38en
dc.description.abstractThis paper reviews the results from a field survey of the impact of the built environment on the physicalenvironment in the coastal area of Zouk Mosbeh (ZM), Lebanon. This area suffered extensive infrastructure damage and displacement of people during the civil war, followed by unprecedented unplanned urbangrowth. The survey was undertaken in 2005 and 2006 using a triangulation method which combinedsemi-structured interviews, designed questionnaires and objective surveys. The survey was not only to analyze the nature and extent of environmental degradation but also was to produce guidance for use bybuilt-environment professionals, practitioners and policy makers for achieving sustainable rehabilitationof the built environment sector in Lebanon. The results suggest that a bottom-up approach to urbanmanagement involving all stakeholders in the policy and implementation process is needed to allowthem take ownership of the sustainable development process. The outcomes of the field survey also show that only 61% of occupants are generally satisfied with their environment of 77 buildings surveyedin this study, and the measurements of predicted mean vote (PMV) provide general satisfactory comfortconditions according to ISO 7730 and the occupants agree by indicating a satisfactory actual mean vote (AMV). Additionally, the results show environmental sustainability in the Lebanese coastal area is severely undermined by unplanned and unregulated physical development resulting in huge impact on the bio-physical environment.en
dc.subjectSustainable built environmenten
dc.titleSustainable rehabilitation of the built environment in Lebanonen
dc.researchgroupArchitecture Research Group
dc.researchinstituteInstitute of Architectureen

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