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dc.contributor.authorBlair, Alasdairen
dc.contributor.authorCurtis, Stevenen
dc.identifier.citationCurtis, S. and Blair, A. (ed.) (2010) The Scholarship of Engagement for Politics: Placement Learning, Citizenship and Employability, (Birmingham: C-SAP)en
dc.description.abstractThe concern to develop opportunities for active learning and engagement of one form or another have become increasingly prevalent in higher education institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. In particular, recent years have witnessed a significant growth in the academic literature on experiential learning, simulations, community engagement and graduate employability. The chapters collected in this volume investigate innovative attempts to address these issues and associated concerns in the subject areas of politics and international relations. The book explores the following themes: placement learning, its integration in the curriculum and assessment; the use of class-based simulations run by an NGO to enhance learning about conflict zones; community engagement. community-based research and citizenship education; and means of addressing the employability agenda in seemingly non-vocational disciplines such as politics. It includes module syllabi and templates that will be of use to educators in the disciplines of politics and international relations. As befits a book concerned with developing student-centred forms of learning through partnerships with community actors and organisations, the volume includes chapters by students and local government and NGO officers.en
dc.subjectactive learningen
dc.subjectscholarship of engagementen
dc.titleThe Scholarship of Engagement for Politics: Placement Learning, Citizenship and Employabilityen

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