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dc.contributor.authorLancaster, J. J.en
dc.identifier.citationLancaster, J.J. 04/09/2003-21/08/2003. Sacred Interiors 1997-2003. London: APR Gallery
dc.descriptionA large exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Collages with particular concentration on the final series created from 2001 developing the theme of ‘Sacred Interiors’. The series Sacred Interiors, explores the relationship between the physical and metaphysical world with particular reference to Islamic Art and geometric structure. *Keith Critchlow writes “The Islamic art of geometric form, then can be considered the crystallization stage, both of the intelligence inherent in manifest form and as a moment of suspended animation of the effusion of content through form. The physical and metaphysical is also explored in the relationship between ‘real’, ‘imagined’ and ‘invented”. Baroque spatial construction (trompe l’oeil, anamorphic distortion, and illusion) is also relevant: “The picture is neither a real object or an imaginary object” (Barthes**) Ryan observes “Lancaster deals with … the collapse of physically occupied space and surface which in turn also reflects the potentiality of layering as being both literal and also a condensation of perceptual memory”*** The visual statement is constructed in an abstract, decorative painted language using geometry as structure; colour and form are included to create spatial ambiguity. The series introduces a new vocabulary based on rigorous exploration and experimentation of more unfamiliar artists’ materials. The stencil and spray painting technique (for which there is little precedent) is used with precision and finesse. The approach and application to these paintings is original. A committee of internationally recognised artists and academics are on the selection panel for the APT gallery in London. * ‘Islamic patterns, An analytical and cosmological approach’ Keith Critchlow, 1976 **Roland Barthes, ‘Is painting a language? Responsibility of Forms’, New York 1999 ***Exhibition Catalogue, Krefelder Kunstverien, Germany 2000.en
dc.subjectRAE 2008
dc.subjectUoA 63 Art and Design
dc.titleSacred interiors 1997-2003en
dc.researchgroupFine Art PracticesEN

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