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dc.contributor.authorSallah, Momodou
dc.contributor.authorCooper, Sophie
dc.identifier.citationSallah, M. and Cooper, S. (eds.) (2008) Global Youth Work: Taking it Personally. Leicester: National Youth Agency.en
dc.description.abstractEngagement with Global Youth Work can no longer be about just ‘doing the right thing and easing one’s conscience’. This resource pack from The National Youth Agency gives youth workers a host of reasons to involve themselves in global youth work and a range of practical ways in which they can do so. Global Youth Work: Taking it Personally is geared towards practitioners who work face-to-face with young people as well as trainnee youth workers to attempt to bridge theory to practice. The ten sections in the pack consider a range of issues including human values; body image; gangs and crime; the clothing industry; refugees; the war on terror; religious identity; music; and sustainable development. Each chapter discusses the topic and offers a range of related activities that aim to make global youth work more accessible to youth workers both in terms of theory and practice.en
dc.publisherNational Youth Agencyen
dc.titleGlobal youth work: Taking it personally.en
dc.researchgroupSocial Work
dc.researchinstituteInstitute for Research in Criminology, Community, Education and Social Justiceen

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