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dc.contributor.authorArroteia, Nuno
dc.contributor.authorHafeez, Khalid
dc.identifier.citationArroteia, N. and Hafeez, K. (2019) Assessing the Impact of Social Forces in International Opportunity Recognition: A Case Study of Brazilian Technology Firms. In: Haddoud, M., Jones, P. and Onjewu, A. (Ed.) International Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets: Nature, Drivers, Barriers and Determinants (Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research, Vol. 10), Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 51-79en
dc.description.abstractThis chapter explores how the recognition of opportunities regarding developing technology and entering a new market is influenced by the systemic effect of social forces. These include institutions, social networks and the entrepreneur’s cognitive frames. This study adopts a longitudinal perspective by capturing and analysing the phenomenon in two moments: first, when the businesses started to operate domestically and second, when they began to internationalise. The cases of five Brazilian technology firms are analysed. The findings reveal the systemic and mutually reinforcing effect of these social forces on the recognition of opportunities. The entrepreneurs’ cognitive frames were particularly vital in recognising opportunities to enter the Brazilian market. The institutional support provided by universities along with government mechanisms and entrepreneurs’ social networks were essential to accrue experiential and non-experiential knowledge of international markets, therefore contributing to the recognition of international opportunities. The temporal perspective employed in this research assists the understanding of how historical events shape entrepreneurs’ capabilities to recognise and change company discourse to pursue the recognition of international opportunities. The results provide guidelines for researchers, practitioners and policymakers, particularly in the emerging economies in Latin America, to support the growth and flourishing of entrepreneurial ventures through pursuing international opportunities.en
dc.publisherEmerald Group Publishing Limiteden
dc.subjectEmerging marketsen
dc.subjectopportunity recognitionen
dc.subjectmarket entryen
dc.subjectsocial networksen
dc.subjectentrepreneur cognitionen
dc.titleAssessing the Impact of Social Structures in International Opportunity Recognition: A Case Study of Brazilian Technology Firmsen
dc.typeBook chapteren
dc.funderNo external funderen
dc.researchinstituteCentre for Enterprise and Innovation (CEI)en

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