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dc.contributor.authorPasternak, Gil
dc.identifier.citationPasternak, G. (ed) (2020) The Handbook of Photography Studies. London & New York: Bloomsbury Publishing.en
dc.description.abstractA state-of-the-art overview of the field, The Handbook of Photography Studies examines the thematic interests, dynamic research methodologies and multiple scholarly directions of this exciting area. It is a source of well-informed, analytical and reflective discussions of all the main subjects that photography scholars have been concerned with, as well as a rigorous study of the field’s persistent expansion at a time when digital technology regularly boosts our exposure to new and historical photographs alike. Featuring the work of international experts, and offering diverse examples, insights and discussions of the field’s rich historiography, the Handbook provides critical guidance to the most recent research in photography studies. Split into five core parts, each with an introductory text that gives historical contextualization and scholarly orientation, this volume: • analyzes the field’s histories, theories and research strategies; • discusses photography in academic disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts; • draws out the main concerns of photographic scholarship; • interrogates photography’s cultural and geopolitical influences; and • examines photography’s multiple uses and continued changing faces. A systematic synopsis of the subject, this volume will be an invaluable resource for photography researchers and students from all disciplinary backgrounds in the arts, humanities and social sciences.en
dc.subjectPhotographic historyen
dc.subjectPhotographic theoryen
dc.subjectPhotographic research methodsen
dc.subjectPhotographic research methodologiesen
dc.subjectHistory of photographyen
dc.subjectPhotography in interdisciplinary researchen
dc.subjectPhotography in the arts, humanities and social sciencesen
dc.titleThe Handbook of Photography Studiesen
dc.funderNo external funderen
dc.researchinstituteInstitute of Art and Designen

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