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dc.contributor.authorRichardson, Martin
dc.identifier.citationRichardson, M. (2004) Space bomb: holograms and lenticulars: 1984-2004. London: T.H.I.S. Limiteden
dc.description.abstractThis book depicts a body of work spanning two decades of holographic artwork created by Martin Richardson. It demonstrates the technical and artistic evolution of holography within the area of three-dimensional portraiture. It offers a unique reference material and provides insights into the emerging medium of holography and its future developments as an Art form. Readership: Scholars and educated laypersons concerned with the history, philosophy and social studies of science and technology. Holographers and enthusiasts of holography. Students of science, the history and sociology of technology, and the history, sociology and philosophy of science.en
dc.publisherT.H.I.S. Limiteden
dc.titleSpace bomb: holograms and lenticulars: 1984-2004en
dc.researchgroupImaging and Displays Research Group
dc.researchinstituteInstitute of Creative Technologies (IOCT)en

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