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dc.contributor.authorShaw, Julia J. A.en
dc.identifier.citationJ.J.A. Shaw (2018) Jurisprudence. 3rd ed. Harlow, UK: Pearson Education,en
dc.description.abstractJurisprudence is founded on the assumption that the foundations of legal knowledge are not fixed; rather, laws are contingent and so constitute the proper object of inquiry as to their underlying motivations and justifications. Therefore, by studying jurisprudence it is possible to acquire a generic and profound critical understanding of the law; which is facilitated by the adoption of an interdisciplinary approach to fundamental questions about the origin and purpose of legal doctrine, and the function of (real or ideal) legal systems. Scrutiny of primary sources within jurisprudence will encourage further development of the legal vocabulary, demystify theoretical legal language and enhance the critical faculties, by demonstrating how to approach and critically reflect on primary texts in legal philosophy. Finally, having become accustomed to applying a critical mindset, the jurisprudence scholar will develop the ability to make important connections between different theorists and theories, to articulate new insights and evaluate their wider societal implications, particularly in meeting the requirements of human flourishing and social justice.en
dc.publisherPearson Education, Harlow, UKen
dc.subjectlegal theoryen
dc.subjectlegal philosophyen
dc.subjectlegal ethicsen
dc.titleJurisprudence, 3rd editionen
dc.researchinstituteCentre for Urban Research on Austerity (CURA)en

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