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dc.contributor.authorShen, Jinsongen
dc.contributor.authorPrajapati, Chetnaen
dc.contributor.authorSmith, Edwarden
dc.contributor.authorKane, Faithen
dc.identifier.citationShen, J., Prajapati, C., Smith, E., Kane, F. (2018) Enzyme-based Biotechnology for Textile Coloration and Surface Patterning. The 18th AUTEX World Textile Conference, 20-22 June 2018, Istanbul, Turkeyen
dc.description.abstractTextile wet processing, including preparation, coloration and finishing, significantly improves the performance of textile materials and apparel. However, conventional textile processes consume large quantities of water, energy and chemicals. As there is an increasing demand for sustainable textile materials and apparel, a major challenge ahead for textile manufacturing is to improve textile wet processing by replacing harmful chemicals and reducing the consumption of water and energy. Extensive research efforts have been made to develop enzymatic bioprocesses as alternatives to replace conventional textile processing methods. Laccases (oxidoreductase, EC have become important enzymes for their application in textile processing due to their great versatility and capability of catalysing the oxidation of a broad substrate spectrum. Laccase is capable of catalysing the polymerisation of simple aromatic compounds to create polymeric colorants useful for textile fibre coloration. The use of laccase offers an attractive alternative method of coloration, with potential economic and environmental benefits. The current study demonstrates the ability of laccase, through controlled application, to produce innovative coloration of wool and nylon textile materials. A range of colours can be achieved through the alteration of processing conditions of the in-situ enzymatic coloration process used. The use of different fibre types and weave structures enabled simple colour variations to be produced with unique shadow, reserve and contrasting effects.en
dc.subjectsurface patternen
dc.titleEnzyme-based Biotechnology for Textile Coloration and Surface Patterningen
dc.researchgroupTextiles Engineering and Materials (TEAM)en
dc.funderAHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council)en
dc.researchinstituteInstitute of Art and Designen

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