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dc.contributor.authorClarke, Louiseen
dc.identifier.citationClarke, L. (2015) Casting. Fermynwoods Contemporary Arten
dc.descriptionLouise Clarke provoked students to take a playful and experimental approach to mould making, using plaster to create small objects and sculptural forms. The emphasis was upon discovery through making rather than pre-designing an outcome. By deliberately working with materials from the beginning, rather by planning and designing, students learned to challenge and question through manual dexterity, take risks, question issues of control, work collaboratively and haptic learning.en
dc.description.abstractFermynwoods Contemporary Art works with vulnerable young people through their CE Academy Programme. Louise Clarke was invited to devise and deliver a workshop using her practice as the driver for pedagogy, communication, discussion and learning new skills and as part of Louise Clarke's commitment to engaged practice and alternative education. The CE Academy provides alternative education for young people who are permanently excluded from school, dual registered and for school age mothers. They work with practicing artists: 'To be an artist is often to be an outsider, and ..... we have watched how young people who have been excluded, find it easier to establish a rapport with our artists. They have an ability to connect with young people partly because they are not mainstream, but primarily because they have a passion for their practice that engages, enthuses and in many cases ignites in young people a desire to learn that has lain dormant for a long time.' (CE Academy, publication isbn: 978-1-36-7276345)en
dc.publisherFermynwoods Contemporary Arten
dc.subjectLouise Clarkeen
dc.subjectFermynwoods Contemporary Arten
dc.subjectEngaged Practiceen
dc.subjectYoung Adultsen
dc.subjectartist as Educatoren
dc.subjectAlternative Educationen
dc.subjectMould Makingen
dc.title.alternativeFermynwoods Contemporary Arten
dc.researchgroupFine Art Practicesen
dc.funderFermynwoods Contemporary Arten
dc.researchinstituteInstitute of Art and Designen

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