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dc.contributor.authorWilliams, Jeanen
dc.identifier.citationWillimas, J (2015) Rise Like a Phoenix: the history of women’s football and the Women’s World Cup, 1869-2015. Sport+Translation joint blog series on the Women’s World Cup with AHRC Funded Women, Work and Value in Europe 1945-2015 Project University of Bristol 2 June 2015en
dc.description.abstractWhen Panini stickers issued its first edition for the Women’s World Cup in 2011 in Germany, it was hailed by many as progress and an important innovation. Like Hope Solo appearing on Dancing with the Stars, the Panini range was considered an encouraging sign that women stars were moving beyond sport into the cultural industries. But are what appear to be ‘firsts’ really markers of progress? Should we consider how continuity can be as important as change? How does change differ from progress? And what vital role does history play in public perceptions of female sport?en
dc.subjectWomen's World Cupen
dc.subjectgendered labour markets in sporten
dc.titleRise like a phoenix: the history of women’s football and the Women’s World Cup, 1869-2015en
dc.researchgroupInternational Centre for Sports History and Cultureen

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