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dc.contributor.authorCalof, Jonathan L.
dc.contributor.authorWright, Sheila
dc.contributor.authorBadr, Ahmad
dc.identifier.citationCalof, J.L., Wright, S. and Badr, A. (2006) Intelligence – A Global Comparison. University of Ottawa, School of Management, Occasional Paper No 06-36en
dc.description.abstractCompetitive intelligence has occupied much attention in the popular press and with key business leaders. Books on intelligence are regularly becoming top sellers and senior executives are lauding the importance of it as a driver for change and increased competitive advantage. This paper examines three empirical studies carried out in Canada, United Kingdom and Europe and draws comparisons on their approach and findings. The authors also note other empirical studies undertaken so far and conclude that not only are they small in number but they do not appear to be advancing knowledge in the field. Neither are they innovative or creative. A sea change in approach is recommended with the goal being to answer the questions as to “how” and “why” rather than “whether” intelligence practice is conducted.en
dc.publisherUniversity of Ottawa, School of Managementen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesOccasional Paper;06-36
dc.subjectmarketing intelligenceen
dc.subjectglobal comparisonen
dc.subjectcompetitive intelligenceen
dc.titleIntelligence – A global comparison.en
dc.researchgroupCompetitive Intelligence-Management Interface Teaching and Research Initiative (CIMITRI)

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