Work-Life Balance in the Construction Industry: A Bibliometric and Narrative Review




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Purpose – The nature of construction works has a negative impact on physical, mental and emotional well-being, and makes it difficult for the construction industry to attack and retain its workforce. The current study seeks to integrate the current knowledge focused on work-life balance (WLB) in the industry into an understandable whole. Design/methodology/approach – An interpretivist philosophical approach was adopted using a bibliometric review and a narrative review of existing studies from both Scopus and Google databases. The Visualisation of Similarities viewer (VOSviewer) was used to prepare occurrence maps from the bibliographic data garnered. Findings – The study reveals that the prominent factors influencing the WLB of the construction workforce are organizational culture, salary earned, heavy workload, long working hours, and inflexible working time. The recent WLB discourse is on organisational commitment, job satisfaction, and workplace dynamics. While WLB areas for further exploration are job stress, safety performance, employee attrition and an ageing workforce. Meanwhile, Africa and South America are still lagging in WLB research. Practical implications – The findings reported here will assist stakeholders to identify appropriate WLB initiatives that can be used to improve the well-being of the construction workforce. Also, the gaps in knowledge for further research were highlighted. Originality/value - The findings reveal current trends and a road map for future studies on WLB in construction. It also reveals prominent factors influencing the WLB of workers in the construction industry.


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Construction industry, Well-being, Workforce, Work-life Balanace, Review


Christiana A.A., Aghimien, D. and Olalekan, O. (2023) Work-Life Balance in the Construction Industry: A Bibliometric and Narrative Review. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management,


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Institute of Architecture