Cyber Ranges and TestBeds for Education, Training, and Research


In recent years, there has been a growing demand for cybersecurity experts, and, according to predictions, this demand will continue to increase. Cyber Ranges can fill this gap by combining hands-on experience with educational courses, and conducting cybersecurity competitions. In this paper, we conduct a systematic survey of ten Cyber Ranges that were developed in the last decade, with a structured interview. The purpose of the interview is to find details about essential components, and especially the tools used to design, create, implement and operate a Cyber Range platform, and to present the findings


open access article


testbeds, cyber ranges


Chouliaras, N., Kittes, G., Kantzavelou, I., Maglaras, L., Pantziou, G., Ferrag, M.A. (2021) Cyber Ranges and TestBeds for Education, Training, and Research. Applied Sciences, 11, 1809.


Research Institute

Cyber Technology Institute (CTI)