Fiction for the Woman of To-day: The Modern Short Story in Eve




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This chapter explores short fiction published in Eve, later Eve: The Lady's Pictorial, a magazine directed to 'the woman of to-day and tomorrow' in print between 1921-29. This elite English women's paper was avowedly modern in outlook - debating new social roles for women, new ideas about psychology and sexuality, changing relations between the sexes and modernist aesthetics - at the same time as upholding traditional values such as respect for class hierachy and marriage within its routine content of society gossip columns, fashion pages, travel writing and reviews of new books, art exhibitions and theatre. This chpater shows how the tension between modernisty and convention was also reflected in the magazine's short stories, which ranged from formulaic and conservative plots to experimental and subversive narratives. It reads stories by familiar and forgoteen authors, including Elizabeth Bowen, Joyce Anstruther, Marthe Troly-Curtin and Radclyffe Hall, that, in more or less radical ways, probed new models of femininity and new models for heterosexual relationships.



Short Story, Women's Magazines, Modernism, Femininity, conservative modernity, middlebrow, Elizabeth Bowen, Radclyffe Hall, Marthe Troly-Curtin, Joyce Ansthruther


Wood, A. (2021) Fiction for the Woman of To-day: The Modern Short Story in Eve. In: D'hoker, E. and Mourant, C. (Eds.) The Modern Short Story and Magazine Culture, 1880-1950, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 150-168.


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