Inanimate Alice; Episode 1: China (2005), Episode 2: Italy (2006), Episode 3: Russia (2006) and Episode 4 (November 2007)




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Inanimate Alice is one of the first pieces of digital fiction to combine interactivity, games, and an accessible story with a sophisticated multimedia interface. It tells the story of Alice, a young girl growing up in a near-future world; in episode 1 Alice is 8 years old and by episode 10 she will be in her mid-20s. Episode 1 was screened on Yorkshire TV / Propeller TV, 17th April 2006. Accompanying Episode 4 is a new software tool, iStories (the result of extensive research with games developer nDreams), which enables users to create their own multimedia stories with their own text, photos and music. The project developed out of the research done initially for The Breathing Wall, and was underpinned by continuing work on the possibilities of digital fiction and ‘transliteracy’. This work now features on the syllabus of a large number of new media courses across the world, and has been chosen for The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1 (CD-ROM and web), by The Electronic Literature Organization,, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA. Inanimate Alice has collected numerous prizes and nominations, including the Premio per l'arte digitale 2005, awarded by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Department for Cultural and Environmental Heritage, DARC (General Directorate for Contemporary Architecture and Art, ), MAXXI (National Museum for 21st Century Arts) and the Fondazione Rosselli,; and the IBM New Media Prize, 20th Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart, Germany (5/2007). It was also a finalist in the 'Hall of Fame' categories, 2006 Digital Media Awards, Dublin, Ireland, Other prizes and nominations include: Finalist: Seoul Net Festival 2006, Korea (5/2006); ACE 2006 at NICOGRAPH International, Seoul, Korea (6/2006); ACM SiGCHI International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE) 2006; Los Angeles, USA (6/2006), AVANCA 06, Avanca, Portugal (7/2006).


RAE 2008, UoA 66 Communication, Cultural and Media Studies


Pullinger, K. and Joseph, C. (2007) Inanimate Alice; Episode 1: China (2005), Episode 2: Italy (2006), Episode 3: Russia (2006) and Episode 4 (November 2007).


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