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dc.contributor.authorMason, Tonyen
dc.contributor.authorRiedi, E.en
dc.identifier.citationMason, T. and Riedi, E. (2006) "Leather" and the Fighting Spirit: Sport in the British Army in World War I. Canadian Journal of History, 41( 3), pp. 486-516.
dc.descriptionThis output results from an AHRC research grant (2002-2005)of c.£135,000 awarded to Mason for 'Sport and the Military in Britain, 1880-1960'. Riedi was employed on this project. Mason and Riedi contributed equal amounts (50/50) in the writing of this output.en
dc.subjectUoA 62 History
dc.subjectRAE 2008
dc.subjectsport history
dc.title"Leather" and the fighting spirit: sport in the British Army in World War Ien
dc.researchgroupInternational Centre for Sports History and Culture

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