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dc.contributor.authorMason, Tonyen
dc.descriptionMason was a Research Associate for the DNB project. His contribution runs to a total of 15 entries, which constitute his output 4. Austin, Henry Wilfred [Bunny] (1906-2000) Blanchflower, Robert Dennis [Danny] (1926-1993) Busby, Sir Matthew [Matt] (1909-1994) Chapman, Herbert (1878-1934) Curry, John Anthony (1949-1994) Harris, Reginald Hargreaves [Reg] (1920-1992) Lawton, Thomas [Tommy] (1919-1996) Matthews, Sir Stanley (1915-2000) Moore, Robert Frederick Chelsea [Bobby](1941-1993) Perry, Frederick John [Fred] (1909-1995) Peters, James Henry [Jim] (1918-1999) Ramsey, Sir Alfred Ernest [Alf] (1920-1999) Winterbottom, Sir Walter (1913-2002) Wolstenholme, Kenneth (1920-2002)en
dc.subjectUoA 62 History
dc.subjectRAE 2008
dc.subjectsport history
dc.titleThe makers of Association footballen
dc.researchgroupInternational Centre for Sports History and Culture

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