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dc.contributor.authorGillam, A. M.en
dc.descriptionThis group exhibition, curated by David Waterworth for Gimpel Fils Gallery takes the labyrinthine structure of the 10th chapter of the Odyssey - Wandering Rocks. The meandering paths taken by named pedestrians are entwined into a narrative of the colliding and parting of ways. In making this reference, this exhibition aims to navigate links between the methods of the wanderer and the practices of the participating artists. The paths it suggests are therefore multiple and intersecting; travelled routes are interwoven with memory and narrative; spaces traversed outside the gallery make their presence felt within it; while the open-ended quality of the works invite a sense of continuity. The exhibition features the work of ten contemporary UK artists who work in various media injcluding painting, printmaking, sculpture, video and installation: Marc Chaimowicz & Nadia Wallis, Simon Faithfull, Adam Gillam, Renata Hegyi, John Kindness, Graeme Miller, Mike Nelson, Elizabeth Price, Lindsay Seers The objects, specially constructed for this exhibition, operate between the disciplines of painting and sculpture, acknowledging the wall but utilising the floor. The physical construction is rapid, using the tools and methods of the construction industry; power drill, jigsaw, screws, hammers and nails. The materials are sourced through a physical interaction with spaces and places near to the studio and engage with the curatorial framework of the exhibition on a very practical and physical level initially; as material scavenger. Through the process of construction, specific elements are very deliberately selected to further interrogate notions of travelled, remembered and encountered spaces and places. The structures operate as physical means to explore the meandering nature of memory in relation to our experience of place, travel and encounter.en
dc.subjectRAE 2008
dc.subjectUoA 63 Art and Design
dc.titleWandering rocksen
dc.researchgroupFine Art Practices

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