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dc.contributor.authorSargent, Sarahen
dc.contributor.authorSamanta, Joen
dc.contributor.authorYelden, Kudreten
dc.identifier.citationSargent, S., Samanta, J. and Yelden, K. (2017) A Grounded Theory Analysis of a Focus Group Study. SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2en
dc.description.abstractDecisions about whether to reassess the clinical condition of patients in a minimally conscious state are a cornerstone of clinical care and management. The outcome of clinical reassessment determines whether efforts to rehabilitate should be escalated, maintained, or targeted more specifically to achieve optimal outcomes. The results of reassessment also underpin decisions to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment from this patient group. Actual decisions about whether to reassess tend to be taken by members of multidisciplinary teams. For this reason, focus groups were chosen to ascertain the views and perceptions of senior decision-makers as to whether minimally conscious patients should have a fundamental “right” to be reassessed. Constructivist grounded theory was used to analyze the data. The results reveal that a range of factors will influence ...en
dc.subjectResearch methodsen
dc.subjectgrounded theoryen
dc.subjectfocus groupsen
dc.titleA Grounded Theory Analysis of a Focus Group Studyen

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